Within The Heart Of Europe

by Puja Daya

Not only did I fall in love with the city, I fell in love with the people I met, the places I saw and the things I learned. I guess this is the experience Erasmus gives to any student of any ethnicity. Although, being my roommates first ever Indian friend or person she knew was astonishing to me.

With my home country of England being so multicultural, for the first time, I found myself to be the only person of colour in a classroom or in most rooms in fact (though the streets were filled with people from all over the world). Did this effect the way I felt or the way I was treated? No. As my difference was appreciated and embraced by the people I met. In fact, I learnt more about myself through the questions asked about my background and culture and began to love it more than ever before.

Prague itself maybe a loved newly upcoming destination for holiday goers and expats, however the many ethnicities of Asians and Africans are not officially recognised within the demographics (being very few of us who set up home there) … nevertheless it flourishes with Vietnamese culture, people and food. Expanding itself with a number of traditional restaurants of Thai and Indian origin, allowing it to be seen as the most multicultural city in the Czech Republic.

So I’ll end with the note that travelling doesn’t just show you different cultures, it allows you to embrace your own.