The Travellers of Colour Collective



Hi, I’m Kiki Nartey, and thank you for visiting The Travellers of Colour Collective!

During my year abroad in Germany, I felt inspired to build a platform to connect people of colour who have, may or will go abroad. For anybody, being in a foreign country places our identity in a new cultural context. However, for people of colour, our racial and/or ethnic identities may play a part in our experiences and how we may be viewed and understood, particularly in less diverse environments. I therefore felt that in order to gain a broader understanding of our place in the wider world, I could collect a range of similar testimonies. 

My gathering of stories has led to an exhaustive cultural catalogue of various travel experiences in countries all around the world. My aim is to bring forth an enriching- yet commonly underrepresented- travel narrative to the forefront, and create a safe space for like-minded people to discuss the nuances of worldly travel.

To read more about the inspiration behind my blog, take a look at an article I wrote for online magazine gal-dem!