The Travellers of Colour Collective: Backstory

“A cultural catalogue documenting our unique experiences as people of colour in countries all around the world”¬†

Hi, I’m Kiki, a university¬†student from London. During my year abroad in Germany, I felt inspired to build a platform to connect people of colour who have, may or will go abroad. For anybody, being in a foreign country places our identity in a new cultural context. However, for people of colour, our racial and/or ethnic identities may play a part in our experiences and how we may be viewed and understood, particularly in locations that are less diverse. I therefore felt that in order to gain a more holistic understanding of our place in the wider world, I could collect a range of stories from people who, like myself, were/are overseas and people of colour. By sharing our international experiences as POC, positive and negative, we can shed light on the travel experience from a unique perspective, gain greater understanding of diasporic communities and ultimately provide a platform for a much needed discussion about the role of race in travel!

To read more about the inspiration behind my blog, have a look at an article I wrote for Warwick University’s newspaper The Boar!